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Ask Dr. Pane: How long will the combination of Juvederm fillers with Botox last?

The Question

At Atlantic Coast Aesthetics, we receive a lot of questions about injectables and other less-invasive treatment options for various skin conditions and problems. These include wrinkles, crows’ feet, sagging or loose skin and other issues. The tricky part is, many of these treatments don’t do what people commonly believe they do, leading to miscommunications, misinformation and patients who are unhappy with the results they obtain. This is why we welcome questions about all sorts of treatment options, including the topic of this week’s Ask Dr. Pane segment. The viewer, from Twitter, asks, “How long will the combination of Juvederm fillers with Botox last?”

The Answer

In this case, the viewer is asking about two different things which constitute an extremely broad topic unto itself. Juvederm, like similar products, is a filler. It adds mass and “weight” beneath the skin to deliver more fullness to a targeted area, such as a wrinkle which can best be addressed by adding volume. Meanwhile, Botox and similar products are neuromodulators. They work by relaxing the muscles beneath a certain area to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. It’s important to understand this because these products work in very different ways to address significantly different issues, which may and often does have an impact on which products are better for a specific patient’s needs.

While Juvederm and Botox can be and often are used at the same time, Dr. Pane says he is not aware of any clinical verification that the combination of the two prolongs the effects of either in any substantive way. In addition, the use of either fillers or neuromodulators may not necessarily be appropriate for a given patient’s needs. While many patients can achieve great results with these products, in some cases another form of intervention may actually deliver better outcomes.

Part of the problem is where the problem area is located. Fillers are generally a poor choice to address crows’ feet around the eyes and the area atop the nose and between the eyes. In addition, some fillers cannot be used on other areas, such as the lips, because they tend to be too firm and lead to unnecessary problems for the patient. Likewise, for areas where volume is a concern, neuromodulators may and likely won’t achieve the results the patient is seeking.

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Dr. Pane prefers to use both fillers and neuromodulators as adjuncts to other things which are being done, not as a solution in their own right. Some patients do get the outcomes they want with just the use of injectables, but every patient and every body is a little different, so what works for Patient A may have no result or even cause problems for Patient B, even if “on paper” they appear identical. Another concern is that some practitioners are not surgeons, and/or may not be comfortable with offering a broader range of solutions. Because of this, it’s not unusual to encounter people who try to apply a “one size fits all” treatment plan, even if a different approach may give better results. Patients are strongly advised to seek out practitioners and clinics which offer a range of options, including injectables, laser and radio therapy and surgery, to assure they get the right treatment for their needs. Also, it is generally good to keep an open mind about treatment options, because the best option may not be the first one which comes to mind.

Atlantic Coast Aesthetics offers a full array of cosmetic surgery solutions, from noninvasive to surgery and everything in between. We also make a point of staying current with the latest advances, technologies and techniques to create customized treatments which last longer, with better results and less risk because they are specifically tailored to the individual patient’s needs. In addition, our founder and Chief Medical Officer is double board certified in both cosmetic and emergency medicine, which means our patients are always in some of the best and most experienced hands in the field, no matter what treatments they are undergoing.

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