Ask Dr. Pane: Will Liposuction Get Rid Of My Stretch Marks?


The Question

At Atlantic Coast Aesthetics, we get a lot of questions about possible applications for liposuction, especially as an alternative to more radical and invasive procedures. One example is the topic of this week’s Ask Dr. Pane segment, which comes from a woman who’s just under 30 and interested in using liposuction to resolve stretch marks.

I’m 27 & want to get lipo on my abdomen fat. Can I get good results? Stretch marks on abdomen? More detail on this, I’ve never been pregnant but do have quite some stretchmarks, mostly around my navel (you can’t see them well, they’re old & very light). I don’t mind them. I’ve lost 48lbs slowly over 3 years and am now on a steady weight of 128lbs at 5’4. My navel is a bit droopy, but I wonder if that’s because fat is weighing it down. I definitely don’t want a tummytuck (childwish & too big surgery). Will lipo give me good results? Based on the pics, what would you say on the shape of my skin (elasticity etc)?

The Facts of the Case

Dr. Pane evaluated the photographs the patient enclosed. He noted that the patient is young, with relatively good skin around the midsection and minimal intra-abdominal fat. These are all positive, because they reduce the probability that the patient will require more intervention than liposuction to correct the issues she mentions.

Dr. Pane’s Response

In this case, the patient is a good candidate for having liposuction without the tummy tuck. There are a number of factors influencing this position. Her relative youth and the condition of the skin as noted from the pictures both militate for this being a better solution. In addition, the fact that she has not yet had children makes the procedure a far better option than a tummy tuck, which could be problematic because the drastic weight gain and loss associated with pregnancy could stretch out the skin further, eliminating any good the original procedure may have done. Since liposuction is less invasive as a whole, it is more likely to be successful without the risk of complications during and after pregnancy that a tummy tuck may pose in this situation.

Dr. Pane also stated that some surgeons would be reluctant to perform this procedure in lieu of a tummy tuck. However, as he performs liposuction to alleviate stretch marks on a regular basis, he is confident that in this case, the patient would respond well to this particular course of treatment rather than going a more invasive route.

Additonal Points To Consider

Although liposuction is not as invasive as other cosmetic procedures, it is nevertheless a surgery. Proper care before, during and after the procedure, proper massage techniques to help reduce inflammation and redistribute the remaining subcutaneous fat deposits and compliance with surgical staff directives can all help mitigate the risk of possible complications and ensure a better, more uniform outcome in line with the patient’s expectations. Given an appropriate level of surgical care and adherence to aftercare protocols, the prognosis for this type of procedure is generally a full recovery with terrific results.

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