Ask Dr. Pane: Tummy Tuck Revision Question From Miami, Florida 

August 2, 2017

The Question Cosmetic surgery does not always yield the results a patient expects, for a number of reasons. Improper outcome expectations, a practitioner whose skills are not well-paired to the specific patient’s anatomy or difficulties with the healing process can all result in procedures which don’t come out the way the patient had hoped. An […]

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Ask Dr. Pane: Will An Outer Thigh Implant Correct Liposuction Damage?

July 15, 2017

 The Question Sometimes, cosmetic surgery procedures do not turn out quite as expected, or yield disappointing results. While there is no rubric which can predict the outcome of any given procedure with perfect accuracy, there are some indicators which a patient may want to look for and some possible ways to correct deficiencies or problems […]

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Ask Dr. Pane: Post-Bariatric Surgery Options

July 14, 2017

The Question One thing many people do not fully appreciate, even with the most detailed and comprehensive medical overview, is just how bariatric surgery will alter their appearance, or the impact it may have on their lives afterward. At Atlantic Coast Aesthetics, we receive many questions about options for post-bariatric surgery and why and how […]

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Ask Dr. Pane: Breast Implant Replacement

July 8, 2017

The Question Many people don’t realize this, but breast implants are generally not considered to be permanent. Depending upon the type, size, patient’s medical history and state of general health and activity, implants can generally be expected to last between 5-10 years. In extreme cases, such as the subject of this week’s Ask Dr. Pane […]

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