Brazilian Butt Lift Question From Palm Beach, Florida

Dr. Thomas A. Pane, Founder of Atlantic Coast Aesthetics

A double board-certified physician with certifications in both general and cosmetic surgery, Dr. Pane has the experience and skill to deliver real results his patients can count on. As the founder and Chief Medical Officer of Atlantic Coast Aesthetics, Dr. Pane takes pride in making sure his patients have realistic expectations about what the procedures they undergo entail, what they can expect during aftercare and the kinds of results they should anticipate. Dr. Pane firmly believes that an educated patient is a successful one, which is why he takes time out of his busy schedule each week to answer questions from patients all over the country on his weekly Google Hangout.

These questions come in from our website, Facebook page and by phone. The questions Dr. Pane chooses as his Question of the Week are normally selected on the basis of how many variations of that question he receives and so which answers will give the most benefit and best results to the highest number of people. This week’s Question of the Week came from a Facebook follower, and asks, “I’m 30 years old, 5’3” tall and about 123 pounds. I’d like to have a Brazilian butt lift, but I don’t want to have implants and am trying to avoid gaining weight. Is this possible?”

Dr. Pane’s answer: Most likely, yes! Generally, a Brazilian butt lift without implants requires that the patient have a certain amount of body fat available to transfer from other areas into the buttocks to achieve the desired result. As long as the patient has enough subcutaneous fat for the procedure, there is normally no reason why this should not be successful. However, a great deal depends upon the individual patient, the aesthetic result they want and the patient’s overall weight, build, health and other factors that may influence the outcome or the safety of the procedure. Dr. Pane noted that he has often in the past seen patients who were not considered viable candidates for various procedures by other clinics and achieved excellent results for these patients.

He was also quick to note that it is hard to tell just from a physical description whether or not a patient might be a viable candidate for a given procedure. A patient should never assume that they are or aren’t a candidate for cosmetic surgery based solely on their build or other factors. Only a cosmetic surgeon can make that determination, based in large part on what the patient hopes to achieve, the means by which they want to achieve it, what the overall outcome should be and other factors that may influence the patient’s prognosis.

In many cases, factors that may come into play when considering possible aesthetic procedures that a patient may be a suitable candidate for include age, height, weight, gender, physical health and condition, environmental and habitual factors such as drinking and smoking, medical conditions that may prolong or impair the healing process and similar considerations. Only with a complete medical history can the surgeon realistically determine whether or not a specific procedure or set of procedures is likely to yield the desired effect and how well or poorly the patient is likely to tolerate the procedure and the aftercare.

One of the biggest limiting factors on the results of cosmetic surgery is the patient’s ability to follow aftercare instructions as they are given. Following directions precisely, taking medications as prescribed, wearing compressive garments and adjusting diet and exercise routines in accordance with post-operative instructions are all key points that can aid or hinder the patient’s recovery and the results they can expect to see. Like any other surgical procedures, aesthetic procedures do carry certain risks, but these risks can be mitigated by coming under the care of a knowledgeable, skilled and certified professional like Dr. Pane.

If you have a question about cosmetic surgery that you’ve always wanted answered, but were afraid to ask because you didn’t know who to ask or were afraid the question would sound silly, stupid or ridiculous, Dr. Pane would like to hear it. The only bad question is the one you don’t ask, and it’s just possible that you’re not the only one with that question, so asking may not just help you, but others who have the same question and are afraid to ask it for the same reasons! Even better, you could have your question answered live on our weekly Google Hangout as the question of the week. Just follow our Facebook page, visit our website at or call us at 561-422-4116 to get the answers you need!


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