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The Question

Atlantic Coast Aesthetics does a lot of Brazilian butt lifts every year, and we get even more questions about them. Sometimes, we even get questions from patients whose BBLs don’t go exactly according to plan. One example is this week’s Ask Dr. Pane question, which comes from a viewer in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. She asks:

I’ve had the worst experience with my bbl sx and at this point am freaked out. Unfortunately I caught an infection during my sx and paid great consequences with recovery. Within the last few days the butt cheek that was infected has started to flatten which my surgeon is aware of. I’m freaking out, and not sure if the flattening will get worst. I want a second opinion and a revision ASAP! WHAT SHOULD I DO? is this permanent?

The Facts of the Case

The patient enclosed photos of the affected area for review. Dr. Pane studied the pictures and noted some ingression of the buttock, which is an indication of infection. However, he does not consider the infection to be “devastating,” which is to say it is unlikely to have a lasting impact on the area in question. At this point, the primary concern seems to be that the area is still healing from the surgery, which is typical for the patient’s stage of recovery.

Dr. Pane’s Answer

Southern Florida has a worldwide reputation for being the originators and perfecters of the BBL, and its widespread popularity in the US is a direct result of how many of these procedures were first performed in Florida. Because of the procedure’s popularity, a number of surgeons who are perhaps not as qualified as they could be have started undertaking BBLs for patients, with decidedly mixed results. Whether that is the situation in this case is unclear, but in this patient’s case, there is an obvious issue.

Dr. Pane says that unless the patient has a legitimate concern that her safety may be compromised, the first order of business is to remain in contact with her regular surgeon, which is to say the one who originally did the procedure. This is particularly important during the healing phase. There is some flatness in the pictures, which is to be expected while the area is still tense and healing from the initial procedure. What should happen over time is that the area will heal and begin to round out, assuming the usual texture and shape that one would expect from the buttocks. This process can take several months to resolve.

Once the healing process is complete, then the final product can be properly evaluated and any revision can be undertaken, if necessary. At this point, the tissues should have resolved and if there is any lingering damage from the infection or the procedure itself, it can be amended. However, to attempt to revise the procedure at this point would likely do more harm than good. Continuing to wear her compression garments and massaging the area to help facilitate healing are probably the best course of action at this time.

Other Considerations

Especially during the healing phase, it is important to rigorously follow any aftercare protocols given by the surgical team who originally did the procedure. These protocols can help reduce the risk of postoperative complications. It is equally important to maintain contact with the surgeon, especially if something happens that may be indicative of a problem, so that the surgeon can correct it before it evolves from a simple issue to a potentially life-threatening matter.

If you have a question or a point of interest about cosmetic surgery, the staff of ACA and Dr. Pane welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs, interests and questions. All you need to do is email us at, follow us on Facebook and Twitter or call us at (561) 422-4116. Your question could help us help others as the featured question in an upcoming Ask Dr. Pane segment, answered live by Dr. Pane himself on the air. Remember, at ACA, we believe the only bad question is the one you don’t ask!

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