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Breast implants are a very popular option that Atlantic Coast Aesthetics offers as part of our practice, and as you can imagine, we get a lot of questions about them. One example is the ACA Question of the Week, which comes from Boca Raton. The patient says, “Hello I’m 27 years old. I think gravity and excess of exercise killed my boobs, so I want to make them look pretty again. I wanted to transfer some fat but they tell me it can cause future problems so they recommend me an implant. I wanted something very natural so I wanted anatomic because I believe it will look so fake with round, but a surgeon recommended me round implants with high projection (200cc or 250cc). I’m so scared of looking like 2 coconuts. What do you recommend for me?”

Dr. Thomas A. Pane, our founder and Chief Medical Officer, says that for all practical purposes, most patients are likely to do better with round implants. This is because unlike anatomically correct implants, round implants will always present more or less the same profile, even if the implant somehow turns inside the body. Because of the combined forces of gravity and internal pressure on the implants, round implants will usually be broader and flatter at the bottom, which simulates the appearance of a “typical” breast profile. From a clinical standpoint, there is no evidence that anatomical implants are particularly superior to round ones, and the likelihood of possible aesthetic problems should the anatomical implant move because of accident, trauma or other issues is higher.

Another potential problem which is really a topic unto itself is the question of fat transfer as the basis for an implant. While this is generally agreed to be the best option when and where possible, there are a number of limiting factors that will determine whether or not a patient is a good candidate for this type of procedure. The first and most obvious question is whether the patient has sufficient subcutaneous fat deposits to transfer in the first place. Patients who exercise regularly and have a low body fat percentage are less likely to have enough fat available to achieve the transfer.

Another possible issue with fat transfer is the thickness and elasticity of the breast skin. If the skin is too thin, too loose or too tight, fat transfer may not be a viable option because the body will not be able to properly reabsorb the fat and attain the shape and contour that the patient wants. However, as with most cosmetic surgery procedures, this varies by patient and can really only be determined properly with an in-person clinical consultation and evaluation of the current breast profile.

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One more possible issue is that of saline versus silicone, which again is an entire topic all its own. Each has its own complex of benefits and drawbacks, and these are largely contingent upon the individual patient, the patient’s build, the desired aesthetic results and a number of other factors which again depend on an office visit to properly evaluate. Some patients prefer one over the other or may express no particular preference at all, so the expertise of the surgeon and the desired outcome versus current situation may be the primary determining factor. However, in either case, anatomical or round, saline or silicone, the goal is always to ensure the best possible results consistent with the patient’s continuing good health.

As with any other surgical procedure, proper care before, during and after the procedure can help reduce the possibility of complications or unsatisfactory results. It can take six months to a year or longer for the implants to form a proper scar capsule and thus be able to assess how the implants will ultimately perform. Choosing a surgeon with ample experience and a high degree of demonstrated technical and practical knowledge can make a huge difference in the outcome of the chosen procedure.

If you have a question related to cosmetic surgery, Dr. Pane and the staff of ACA are always happy to take some time and “talk shop.” Just call us at (561) 422-4116, follow us on Twttier and Facebook or email us at Your question could even be answered in a live Google Hangout by Dr. Pane personally as our next Question of the Week, and help out other patients who share the same questions and concerns you have! Remember, at ACA we believe in patient education as the first step to a more beautiful you. The only bad question is the one you don’t ask!




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